SmithCorp Travels to Nepal

SmithCorp Nepal Disaster Relief

The SmithCorp Charitable Trust conducts a range of charitable activities both within the UK and abroad with the sole focus of improving lives, opportunities and facilities for those in need. Primarily the Charity assists with the educational needs of remote international communities, funding and building school buildings and facilities in a variety of sites around the world.

This month eight of our staff will be travelling to Nepal to help with the disaster relief efforts following the earthquake that hit the country in April 2015 – a disaster that left significant damage in its wake. The team will be working to reconstruct and repair damage sustained by one of the schools in Kathmandu Valley. The specific aim of the project is to help rebuild a number of classrooms (and hopefully a whole school) so the children can learn and develop in a suitable environment, rather than learning under make-shift tents.

As well as our contributions and fundraising to support this international project, our people have also generously donated books, clothing, toys and sporting equipment.

The team leaves on July 23rd and returns 5th August. Needless to say we wish them all the very best and look forward to hearing and seeing their efforts at our annual Charity Ball.

The Team

Chris Badcock – Team Leader

Chris Badcock – Team Leader

Kerry Fowler – Team Leader

Kerry Fowler – Team Leader


Elinor Stirling

Steph Horne

Nathan Coggin

Will Thomas

Emma Whale

Dan Green