SmithCorp Travels to Namibia


SmithCorp Charitable Trust is excited to announce its 2018 Overseas Project to Namibia in Africa! The Trust seeks to improve lives, opportunities and facilities for those in need at home and abroad. It assists with the educational needs of remote international communities, funding and constructing school buildings and facilities around the world.

This year’s project will be in a very small community in Damaraland a scenic yet rugged and dry area that is part of an elephant conservation scheme.

A team of 8 SmithCorp volunteers will depart on Saturday 21st July for 2 weeks, to build an urgently needed wall around the A.Gariseb Primary School. The wall will protect the 250 students and teachers from the local desert elephant population. The volunteers will also help to build a playground for the children, so they have a safe area to play and rest in.

Elephants live in the area of the school year round and will regularly walk through the school grounds looking for water to drink or trees to eat. Although it may sound fun, this actually presents a very dangerous situation. The school and chief have therefore requested a wall around the dormitories to keep the children contained and safe during the evenings.

Often in the dry season there is not enough water for the elephants in the river wetlands, and so the school is an easy target. There isn’t much for the children to do in way of stimulation so they often wander out of the school yard to go and play. This puts them in huge danger. A good playground will not only make it a nicer, more enjoyable place to spend time, it will also keep them inside the school grounds where it is much safer. Together playground and wall will make a genuine difference to the quality of their lives and quite possibly save a life.

The team are:

Hannah Sinfield (Team Leader)

Dominic Holmes

Harriett Gibson

Jessica Sneddon

Joe Van Doorslaer

Joel Brickell

Russ Gosling

Sophie Chesterton

They leave the UK on 21st July and return on 4th August. Needless to say we wish them all the very best of luck and look forward to hearing and seeing their efforts on our annual Charity Ball in November.