SCCT fly to Mongolia


SCCT have announced that this summer’s overseas trip will be to Mongolia

Families in the rural area around Altanbulag currently find themselves migrating to cities in order to get an education for their children. However once in the city many of these people find themselves unable to get proper work and as a consequence are unable to support their families. It’s a viscous cycle.

Selected from twenty two applications this year, our lucky team of eight intrepid volunteers will be conducting building work to improve the very basic local school. It is hoped that the improvements they make will help break cycle by allowing more families to maintain their rural way of life and school in the local area.

Based near Altanbulag, our volunteers will be living with Nomadic people in “gers” (Mongolian traditional huts). It is sure to be quite a unique cultural experience and we look forward to hearing all about it on their return