SmithCorp Culture

Prior to starting SmithCorp, the founders were fully aware of the difficulties many companies face when trying to create, change or adapt a culture within an established business. For this reason, from day one we have endeavoured to create a successful, positive, proactive, respectful and fun environment.

We have various simple and effective concepts that help to define us and that all relate to enhancing personal responsibility and ownership.

Our working environment and sense of identity through our culture is also important to us. From the outset we have strived to create an environment that challenges, stimulates and rewards every employee of SmithCorp.

SmithCorp Bristol Location
SmithCorp London Location
SmithCorp Truro Location



Firstly, we looked at the areas in which we wished to be based. You will find our offices are located within areas that provide an energy and atmosphere in the shops, bars, restaurants and locale that surround them. Whilst obviously different, each location has been carefully selected to provide an interesting and appealing place to work.

We currently have office locations in Bristol, London and Truro.


SmithCorp Support Systems and Services

Support Systems and Services

Secondly, from the day the business started we considered technology systems and how they could help support, develop and propel our business. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art IT infrastructure as well as developing our own proprietary software so that our consultants are working with a sophisticated and specialist recruitment system that allows them to perform to their maximum.

As well as gaining the business benefits from technology it has also helped to create a great working environment. You will find television screens throughout our offices showing news, current affairs, music and major sporting events.

Additionally, our support services ('BOSS') operate efficiently and effectively to ensure the administration of your business is kept to a minimum allowing you to concentrate on sales and maintaining professional standards.


The Real Secret

The real secret however to our environment, culture and vibe is in the people we hire and surround ourselves with.

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