Nepal – Phulchowki School Building Project


Earlier this month eight of our staff volunteered to travel to Nepal to help with the disaster relief project following the earthquake in April of 2015. The building project was to prepare the foundations for 3 classrooms at Phulchowki Primary School.

The team was based in Kathmandu Valley, a busy town of bustling crowds with many of the locals trying to make a living among the many streets and shops. The aftermath of the earthquake was clearly visible with people’s homes, shops and temples either in a state of disrepair or precariously being supported by wooden posts desperately trying to stop them from toppling to the ground.

Phulchowki Primary School is situated in a rural and quieter village of Kathmandu Village yet was no less affected by the earthquake. The trace of mud slides and piles of bricks and debris told the same story. The children and local people however were extremely welcoming, generous and very happy to meet and see us wherever we went.

Work on site was challenging, extremely tiring but immensely satisfying. There was lots of digging, carrying heavy loads, demolishing and mixing concrete – all to set the foundations for 3 classrooms at the school.

The days were also filled with spending time and interacting with the children and visiting an orphanage to play and read with the children. We were amazed at how happy and positive the children and local people were and how they continued with their life despite their vast difficulties and devastation.

The money raised and donated to the school will enable the classrooms to be finished and have new desks and chairs and a set of brand new uniforms for all the children. Most importantly the school is now being rebuilt to withstand the effects of an earthquake, making it a much safer environment for the children and teachers.

The team of Chris, Kerry, Eli, Dan, Emma, Nathan, Steph and Will made a significant contribution to the people of Kathmandu Village, yet more-so arrived home with memorable experiences to ponder and share. As Team Leader Chris said, ‘It was an amazing trip, the children and people were so positive and generous. How they live and get on with life was so inspiring. We don’t know how lucky and fortunate we really are’.

The team is currently preparing a video of their trip and experiences which will be presented at our annual Charity Ball in November.