What’s all the Hubbub?


We are delighted to announce that “The Hub” opened today, Wednesday 19th April at Clifton Heights. 

The development of this space is part of a program of continuous improvement to enhance the SmithCorp working environment. Our intention is to broaden the experience of working for SmithCorp through improving work life balance and offering the opportunity for you to develop new skills. It has been designed as a place where employees can relax, eat, play and generally enjoy non-work related activity when in Bristol.

Complimentary breakfast will be provided daily and drinks machines have been installed to provide a selection of hot and cold drinks on tap.

Outside of working hours we expect it to host a variety of evening classes, seminars, charity and social events. Importantly the space will also provide a new home for our Bushido training academy and become the place where all Bristol group interviews take place.


Well done to Tim Robey who won a competition to name the new space.  We chose “The Hub” as we felt it best captured its essence (at the centre, shared by brands, a place for meeting, relaxing, learning and self improvement). Also a big thank you to Jo Glover, Kerry Fowler, Jody Nile, the IT guys and the team at Berkeley Place for their work in getting it up and running. We expect “The Hub” will quickly become a well used, well loved part of the business.