Volunteers Lend a Local Hand


The SmithCorp Charitable Trust has been busy again...

...but this time not building a school in a deprived part of the world, rather helping the Bristol community by refurbishing the halls and classrooms of a local junior school.

All in all, sixteen eager SmithCorp employees made full use of their paid volunteer day over the summer and put their back into helping out with this worthy cause.

Here is what the school’s Head teacher had to say:

“I am writing to express my sincere thanks for choosing Courtney Primary School as a beneficiary of your charitable work, for sending so many willing and productive volunteers to our School at the start of the summer holidays and for paying for our paint.

Courtney Primary School is on a journey.  We are determined to provide first class education to all our pupils. However, there are many challenges to overcome including the huge budgetary constraints acting on all schools, but particularly those in South Gloucestershire. The school had not been painted since its construction in 2011 and without your input we would not have been able to afford to paint many areas. Thanks to SmithCorp’s generosity, a significant proportion of the school has been repainted and we can now instigate an affordable and achievable rolling programme of decoration ensuring that [in the future] the school is always maintained to a good standard.


Thanks to SmithCorp’s generosity, a significant proportion of the school has been repainted...

All the classrooms and several other key areas of the school have undergone a remarkable transformation. They have gone from looking rather tired and uninspiring to bright, sparkling and enticing areas of work. The change in the school is clearly visible and lots of members of staff remarked on the difference without knowing what had happened over the holidays. The staffroom was looking very tired. It is now a much cleaner, lighter space which will inevitably provide a more positive space for staff to rest and work. The redecoration has clearly added a spring to the steps of many staff and will definitely be reflected in their work.


The classrooms have undergone the greatest transformation. Understandably, these had received the greatest wear and were looking very battered. We had hoped to repaint the majority of these but, thanks to the number of volunteers you provided and their work ethic, all the classrooms have been redecorated. They are now much healthier learning spaces and this has already been noted by teachers and pupils. Here are just a few of the comments pupils have made in the past two days:

“The school was dim and now it is a lot brighter”

“It is just a lot easier to work in class now”

“The displays on the wall are much more eye-catching now the walls are clean”

Once again, thank you so much for your contribution of both paints and volunteers and for helping make our school a positive, inspiring learning space.”

Well done to our volunteers and painting teams!